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Naic Healing Beach Resort

About us

Naic Healing Beach Resort formerly (Happy Holiday) the ideal Bettering the Evaluation And Care of Health" Likewise, for Christian Ministry, the right BEACH to “Baptize Everyone And CHRIST HEAVENLY” ETERNAL SALVATION will be Received.


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Celebrate your

Birthdays & Anniversaries etc.

You may Celebrate your Birthdays, Anniversaries, Monthseries, Water Baptism, Beach Wedding, Company Outing and Retreat, along with your Families, Love Ones, Friends, Neighbors, Acquaintances, Officemates, Classmates, Churchmates, Heartmates, Batchmates, and the like.

Summer is coming to town

the best time to pamper yourself in the Beach

Summer is coming to town, the best time to pamper yourself in the Beach "Best Escape Anyone Can Have" ; ENJOY the Giant Waterslides, Trampoline, Disco Boat, Rides of Banana Boat or Flying Fish pulled by Jetski, Kayaks and Boat Ride, also Refresh yourself from the coolness of Brown Crystal Water as well as feel the Marsh Mallow Feeling of a Very Fine Black Sand of Naic Healing Beach Resort at Barangay Munting Mapino, Cavite Philippines

Swimming Hours


Swimming Hours 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM (DAY SWIMMING) 07:00 PM to 12:00 AM (DAY SWIMMING)

Para Maiwasan ang Malunod lalo na ang mga NAKAINOM ng ALAK at ayaw sumunod at magpasaway sa Lifeguard.

Puwede pa rin Mag-Overnight to Enjoy the Karaoke night and Feel the Sea Breeze of the Night.


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Also, We have Posted a lot of Direction Posters/Signboards at TANZA even you came from MANILA; at MARAGONDON even you came from Ternate or Batangas; at GENTRI even you came from BACOOR, DASMA, IMUS and the like.